Kristin Antonsen, who is born in the North of Norway, now lives and works as a ceramist in Mandal, the southernmost city in Norway. Her studio is in an old industrial building at “Kulturfabrikken”.

Kristin Antonsen works mainly with modelling and slab building of different kinds of stoneware.

‘My primary area in ceramics is form and texture and the possibilities that lie in using different kinds of clay. I often use oxides and other colorants to emphasize the surface texture, rather than covering the clay with glaze. To me, it is a point that the clay itself is the central theme and good enough in itself.”

She often uses humour in her works, which is often in the borderland between sculptural and utilitarian forms. Her bird cages from the series “Kunsten går åt skogen” are representative for her works, and perhaps what many people connects with her studio.

Her works are procured by several public institutions.

She is accepted as a member in the organisation “Norske Kunsthåndverkere” – The Norwegian Association of Arts and Crafts.

All the pictures on the web site are taken by John Erik Kristensen. These are protected by BONO, and reproduction of the artworks beyond private use is strictly forbidden without permission.